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Geographical position.

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UK Political System.

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British Monarchy

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WHAT'S IT LIKE BEING QUEEN? Being Queen is a really busy job. Elizabeth II gets up early and begins the day by looking through the newspapers. Then she reads letters from the public (she gets more than 1000 each week), and tells her staff how she would like them to be answered. The Queen has daily meetings with her Private Secretary who helps her to go through her paperwork, and lots of meetings with ambassadors, new judges, and bishops. In the afternoon Elizabeth II often goes out on public engagements — she gets thousands of invitations each year. She opens new hospitals, bridges and factories. Being Queen is not a 9 to 5 job, and Elizabeth II has to work from early in the morning until late at night. And people watch her all the time. Of course, she has some free time, and some private life, but less than most people. In her spare time Elizabeth II enjoys horse racing, fishing, and walking in the countryside. She also enjoys photography and likes taking photos on her travels. In 50 years the Queen has been on 251 official visits to 128 different countries.

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Control tasks: Complete sentences and tell about political system of Great Britain: The head of the state is… The legislative power belongs to… The parliament consists of… The executive power is exercised by… The judicial power belongs to… The local governments are named… and are responsible for….

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The History of the British Monarchy.

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Thank you for attention

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