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Red Book: endangered animals Учитель английского языка Шарапова Раиса Михайловна МАОУ СОШ № 36 города Тамбова

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Пояснительная записка «Красная книга: исчезающие животные»

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There are some kinds of animals, whose disappearance will remain traceless. Animal World on our planet is very diverse, but even the extinction of one species is always a tragedy. Every kind of living organism is unique, unrepeatable. These precious animals are standing on the brink of destruction.

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Giant panda The giant panda lives in China, in the upper Yangtze River. The rapid development of China's reserves this kind little chance of survival.

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Small panda Small panda prefers mixed forests where bamboo is enough. The length of this cute animal is to 62 cm long, fluffy tail is to 45 cm, and weight is from 3.5 kg to 6 kg.

Слайд 6
Описание слайда:
Mountain gorilla African mountain gorillas is the largest and most powerful of all primates. This is a very sociable and peaceful animal.

Слайд 7
Описание слайда:
Florida panther The Florida panther lived across the south-east coast of the United States. Now, this species is found only in Florida.

Слайд 8
Описание слайда:
Beluga Beluga is living on Earth for 200 million years. The life span of this fish is 75 years old, maximum weight of two tons and a length of 10 meters.

Слайд 9
Описание слайда:
Blue whale The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet, its length reaches 33 meters. It can communicate with each other at a distance of several hundred kilometers.

Слайд 10
Описание слайда:
Blue Frog Blue frog is one of the most amazing colored animal world. This frog lives in the humid Amazonian rainforests.

Слайд 11
Описание слайда:
Cassowary Cassowary is an ancient flightless bird of Australia. She is eating fruits. She spreads the seeds of tropical tree species.

Слайд 12
Описание слайда:
Thick-headed turtle Thick-headed turtle lives in many countries. Great demand for the meat of the turtle leaves little chance for survival of this type.

Слайд 13
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Polar bear Scientists believe that polar bears have recently emerged 100 - 250 thousand years ago. They live in the Arctic. Polar bears eat fish,seabirds, sea hares, seals.

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Amur tiger The Amur tiger is the largest in the world. He is the only representative of the species who lives in the snow. Now in Russia there are over 450 individuals.

Слайд 15
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Loserogie and olenerogie corals Loserogie and olenerogie corals are beautiful large "bushes“. They are like the horns of elk and deer. They can be found in areas that are protected by coral reefs at depths of about 10 m.

Слайд 16
Описание слайда:
Take care of animals!!!!! Every year on our planet is getting less and less of wild animals. Take care of animals!

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