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School and sport in Canada Aikinbaev Dauren 10»А»

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Schools in Canada Secondary education in Canada is largely similar to the American. 95% of canadian children attend public schools and 5% private schools. All schools in Canada, the training lasts 12 years, with the exception of the province of Ontario and the Francophone Quebec (13 years old). Canada has two official language and in accordance with these two programs of secondary education — English and French. Each student, if he is not a citizen of Canada, the law requires a guardian who assumes responsibility for the child while training in Canada, replacing their parents in a number of issues (failing to promptly communicate with them). In addition, every school in Canada, receiving foreign students, worked as a consultant to which children can ask any question. Studying in Canada in most schools — joint, for boys and girls but a number of private schools offer and segregation.

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Sport in Canada Canada has developed a variety of sports. Canadians with a real passion are the ice hockey, the discipline in which they are the great masters of the world level for many years. Worldwide Canada performs particularly well in winter sports (speed skating on short and long distances, figure skating, acrobatic skiing (jumping on a bumpy track), Curling). At the summer Olympics athletes especially distinguished in diving, the women's 100 m (especially in the 1990s), synchronized swimming, rowing activities rowing and Canoeing. Even though more and more popular is soccer, more common are sports originating in the United States: canadian football (like American football), baseball and basketball. However, the canadian franchise can be found in the national and American leagues (MLB, NBA). It is in Canada, was established the modern rules of Curling, a sport Canadians watch on TV is most prominent, except for ice hockey. Basketball also saw the light of day in Montreal, with the support of James Naismith.

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In Canada Sport

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The end

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