Business correspondence or How to make business successful Author: A.M. Semyonova, s

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Business correspondence or How to make business successful Author: A.M. Semyonova, school № 7

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The principal question: How does the business correspondence help to be successful in business? The problem questions: How to write business letters? What types of business letters exist nowadays? What typical expressions are used in different types of business letters?

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The hypothesis of the investigation: If you know all aspects of the business correspondence well then you will achieve a success in business. Subject: elective course “English for business communication” Participants: students of the 9B form

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The annotation of the project The realization of the project is carried out in the frames of the elective course “English for business communication” in the theme “The structure of the business letter”. The project allows to develop the communicative skills of the pupils, to improve the practical habits of the students, to form the culture of the writing letters. The conclusions made by every group will allow to answer the key question “How does business correspondence help to be successful in business?” to confirm or to deny the hypothesis made above

Слайд 5
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Objectives: -forming the competence in the sphere of independent knowledge activity, - the development of the habits of working in groups, - the development of the skills of analyzing, comparing and making conclusions Skills development: to acquaint pupils with the different types of business letters and the rules of writing them, to widen vocabulary and to teach pupils to write business letters, to promote the getting of the educational resources by the students for the successful work in the market terms

Слайд 6
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The themes of the pupils investigations: 1. The styles of the business letters 2. Types of the business letters 3. Typical expressions for writing different types of business letters The forms of the presentation of the results: Presentation “How to write business letters” Presentation “Types of business letters Publication “Useful expressions for business letters”

Слайд 7
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The stages and the dates of conducting the project Brainstorming ( choosing the themes of the investigations, forming the groups, discussing the plan of the work in groups) 1st lesson, 20 min. Independent work in groups (during the second lesson and during after school activity) 2nd lesson, 30 min. Pupils’ preparations for presentation of their work. 3rd lesson, 20 min. The defence of the results and making conclusions. 4th lesson, 30 min.

Слайд 8
Описание слайда:
Do you want to know the secrets of the successful business? Then, join us!

Слайд 9
Описание слайда:
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