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Generation of Discourse: Necessary Conditions [Y.A. Levitsky]

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Conditions Condition (parameter) is a certain indicator that may be a part of different type of speech and take any “value”, but remains unchanged within one and the same type of speech. Speaker is the main parameter.

Слайд 3
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The Communication Partners It is a very general parameter → must be divided into sub-parameters:

Слайд 4
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General Characteristics of the Speaker focus on himself/herself — how the speakers represent themselves to themselves, the recipient or the listener; focus on the recipient — how the speaker adjusts to the recipient; focus on the listener — how the speaker takes into account the presence of other persons; focus of the third party — those who is absent in the situation, but can be in the sphere of interests of the speaker or the listener; focus on reality — reference focus on propositional content — differs from the previous one, because propositions are not the fact of reality, but reflect it with the help of language focus on linguistic means — the choice of the most appropriate means

Слайд 5
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Representation Type of the Speaker The speaker may represent himself/herself, any collective, or an administrative formation (country). The main characteristic of the speaker is the focus on the listener. The listener: the degree of activity: active / passive. The relationships between the communication partners: partners’ ranks: equal / not equal; the degree of intimacy: informal / formal.

Слайд 6
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The Situation of Communication General character (normal / not normal). Feedback (presence: full, partial / absence).

Слайд 7
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The Subject of Speech The subject somehow influences the character of chosen linguistic means, but the close examination of it is unnecessary, because it is quite hard to evaluate different subjects quantitatively. In general: absence / presence of the subject (casual everyday conversation).

Слайд 8
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The Purpose of Communication practical communication appeal, persuasion special presentation official scientific utilitarian informative stimulating instructing didactic [B. Havránek, Л. Гобин]

Слайд 9
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The Form of Communication imaginative (belles-letters): lyric / dramatic / epic; not imaginative: unregulated / regulated (strictly / not strictly).

Слайд 10
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The Lack of Time It characterizes only spontaneous natural everyday dialogue. The spontaneous dialogue is mainly conducted with the help of usual clichés.

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Thank you for your attention!

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