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Interview Interview (interview) - the main method of personnel selection. The main purpose of the interview - for a limited time to determine the degree of compliance of the candidate on the parameters that determine the effectiveness of the future employee.

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Interview Types of interview: structured (based on a fixed set of questions); unstructured (held in free form); stress interview - an interview in an emotionally tense environment (in a specially modeled stressful situation); group (interview with a group of candidates); one-on-one interview (one candidate - one personnel manager).

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Interview Interview Structure: The introductory part (creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding); The main part (obtaining information for the evaluation of the candidate); Conclusion (preliminary result and explanation to the candidate of his further actions).

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Criteria for evaluating a candidate for an interview Appearance Punctuality Ability to hold Speech characteristics

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Interview During the interview process are evaluated: the content of the answers to the questions; appearance of the candidate; the behavior of the applicant; non-verbal behavior of the applicant; cultural level, values, self-assessment of the candidate

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Interview Questions used during the interview: Open Closed Straight lines Indirect Alternate Clarifying

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Interview At the end of the interview you need to take stock. If the candidate fits, it is better to tell him about it immediately, to ask how quickly he can get to work. If the candidate does not fit - you need to correctly say that you need an employee with a different experience, or tell the candidate when and how he will be informed about the results. In the end, thank the other person for their attention and politely say goodbye to him.

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