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Pony Express

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Reasons Rapid growth of the western states. California's newfound prominence and its rapidly growing population. After gold was discovered there in 1848, thousands of prospectors, investors and businessmen made their way to the California Republic. American Civil War approached.

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Founding In the late 1850s, William Russell, Alexander Majors, and William Waddell were the three founders of the Pony Express and were already in the freighting and drayage business with more than 4000 men, 3500 wagons and some 40,000 oxen. By utilizing a short route and using mounted riders rather than traditional stagecoaches, they proposed to establish a fast mail service between St. Joseph, MO, and Sacramento, CA, with letters delivered in 10 days.

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Operation In 1860, there were ~157 stations that were ~10 miles apart along the Pony Express route. At each station stop the express rider would change to a fresh horse, taking only the mail pouch called a mochila with him. The mochila could hold 20 pounds of mail along with the 20 pounds of material carried on the horse.

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Pony Express Route 1966 miles. Across The Great Plains, west of the Mississippi River and across the Rocky Mountains. Across 8 states.

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Closing The Pony Express announced its closure on October 26, 1861, two days after the transcontinental telegraph reached Salt Lake City and connected Omaha, Nebraska and Sacramento, California. The company grossed $90,000 and lost $200,000. In 1866, after the American Civil War was over, the Pony Express assets along with the remnants of the Butterfield Stage were sold to Wells Fargo for $1.5 million.

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