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Livadia Palace Diana Bandura 7-B class

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Main entrance

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Livadia Palace is the most luxury historical and scientific museum in the Crimea. It is located in the village Livadia which is not far from Yalta. In 1834 the building site was bought and it was decided to create a picturesque museum. It was finished in the 19 century. Livadia means a lawn or a meadow from Greek. The building of the palace was headed by a Russian architect Krasnov and Italian architect Monigetti. They had created a very beautiful building and a lot of people have been admiring it for many years. It was a residents of Russian tsars family. Alexandr 2 his wife and children used to live there in Summer time, besides in 1894 Alexandr 3 died there. In 1945 Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill met in this palace to salve the destiny of the world war 2. In 1993 the Livadiya Palace obtained the status of the special place in the Crimea. Nowadays a lot of people visit the place admire its wonderful Italian architecture, the beautiful park around the place and its history. As for me I visited this museum with my parents and was stuck to the core with its beauty and cleanliness.

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