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Слайды и текст этой презентации

Слайд 1
Описание слайда:
Грамматика со Смешариками

Слайд 2
Описание слайда:
Вопросительные слова Wh-questions

Слайд 3
Описание слайда:
Let’s us introduce ourselves! We are Smeshariky. We’ll help you study English. Would you mind learning grammar rules? O.K.

Слайд 4
Описание слайда:
I am Losyash. I am very clever. I want to know: What did you like reading? What do you like reading? What will you read?

Слайд 5
Описание слайда:
It is Barash. He likes to dream. Where did we travel last time? Where do we drink afternoon tea today? Where will we arrange funny party?

Слайд 6
Описание слайда:
It is Krosh. He likes to run & jump. When did we travel last time? When do we drink tea? When will they arrange funny party?

Слайд 7
Описание слайда:
I am Pin. I like to repair different things. And you? Who was there? Who repairs this red car? Who will repair the TV set?

Слайд 8
Описание слайда:
Sovunya does sport. She likes to give advices. How long do you walk? How old are you? How much juice did you drink yesterday? How many sweets will you eat?

Слайд 9
Описание слайда:
This Hedgehog is kind & curious. Why didn’t he swim last week? Why does the Sun live in the sky? Why will she play the piano?

Слайд 10
Описание слайда:

Слайд 11
Описание слайда:
Глагол to be

Слайд 12
Описание слайда:
To be – Present Simple I am We are You are He You are She is It They are

Слайд 13
Описание слайда:
To be –Past Simple I was We were You were He You were She was It They were

Слайд 14
Описание слайда:
To be – Future Simple I will be We will be You will be He You will be She will be It They will be

Слайд 15
Описание слайда:
To be Are you sad? Yes, I am. They are helpful. They are close friends.

Слайд 16
Описание слайда:
To be We are funny together! I am very brave! She is afraid of speed! We were calm before.

Слайд 17
Описание слайда:
To be She is happy! He is very busy!

Слайд 18
Описание слайда:
We are funny together! We are afraid of speed!

Слайд 19
Описание слайда:

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