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About myself Plan: My family My hobby My childhood

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My childhood I was born in 15th July of 1997 year in Shamalgan, Almaty region. I am boy, who was born after 4 girls in my family .My childhood very happy. When I was two, our family moved to Astana. In new capital of our country I went to kindergarten. After three years we returned to Almaty , I went to kinder garden in Tastak micro region. In 2004 I went to first class of secondary school.

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My family I have a big family. There are seven members in my family .My father Sharafaddin Amirov is 55. He is a journalist. My mother Manshuk Nurbayeva is 53. She is a teacher of history at school number 145. I have four elder sisters. My eldest sister`s name is Nargiza. She is 30. My second sister is Ainur , she is 28. My third sister`s name is Aktoty she is 25. My fourth and lovely sister is Balausa. She is 20.I Love, respect and proud of my big and friendly family. My goal is to study very well so my sisters and become a highly skilled doctor.

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My hobby I have some hobbies and interests. I like playing tennis, going gym and reading historical books. My favorite book is «Chingis khan»of Mukhtar Magauin. When I was little , I liked to swim and play water ball. Also I like to watch football. My favorite football club is Chelsea and I am fan of national football team of Germany.

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QWESTION: 1.How many members in my family? 2.What is my father`s name and how old is he? 3.What profession has my mother? 4.Which football club is my favorite one? 5.Where I was born? 6.What is my hobby?

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