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Студент группы 15 КС ‘ГБПОУ’ ‘ОНТ’ Разработал А. С. Кучеренко

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You should be very careful on the night of October 31. This is the night when witches and ghosts come out!

Слайд 4
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Halloween is the most famous of witches' festivals. They ride on brooms through the midnight air to meet with the Devil. Black cats, their best friends, usually accompany them.

Слайд 5
Описание слайда:
Poor cold ghosts come out of the lonely woods and fields and warm themselves in people's houses.

Слайд 6
Описание слайда:
Ghosts and witches are not the only ones who come out at Halloween. From their hiding places come hundreds of demons, skeletons, goblins and other supernatural creatures.

Слайд 7
Описание слайда:
Children in the US, Great Britain and Ireland like Halloween very much

Слайд 8
Описание слайда:
In the weeks before October 31, they decorate the windows of their houses and schools with pictures of witches, black cats and bats.

Слайд 9
Описание слайда:
They make lanterns out of pumpkins. They are called jack-o'-lanterns.

Слайд 10
Описание слайда:
Black and orange are traditional Halloween colours.

Слайд 11
Описание слайда:
On October 31, children dress up as ghosts and witches, skeletons and Draculas, and have noisy parties.

Слайд 12
Описание слайда:
Sometimes they go to the people's houses and ring at the door, shouting "Trick or treat!" The person who opens the door must give the children a treat — some sweets or cookies. If not, the children play a trick on them. For example, they can throw flour at the window or draw a funny picture on the door.

Слайд 13
Описание слайда:
Halloween parties are great fun.

Слайд 14
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Спасибо за внимание!

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