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Queen as a benchmark of rock fashion Voroshilov Egor 10a

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Preface: This group is described by a single phrase. "This is one of those cases when two very talented people met two geniuses." This phrase perfectly characterizes the British rock band Queen. The Queen group is rightly considered one of the standards of rock. By their influence on music and society they are comparable to the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

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History of Group Creation: Students Brian Mae and Tim Staffel create a music group Soon he comes to the drummer, the 3rd member of the band-Roger Taylor A few years later the group renames itself in Smile In the early 1970s, Stoffel left the band, but he was replaced by Farukh. Soon the band changes its name to Queen, and Farukh changes its name to the nickname, Freddie Mercury. Later guitarist John Dickon joined the band.

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Interesting fact: The group's logo, created by Freddie, contained the zodiac signs of all the band members: Dickon and Taylor are lions, Mei – Cancer, And Freddy is a virgin. Phoenix is the beginning of new life.

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The first success of the group: In 1973, their 1st album with the prosaic title "Queen" appears. 1974, they recorded two albums at once, which soared to the top of the UK charts. That's what their first album looked like:

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Queen-World success In 1975 coming out 4 album Queen «A night at the Opera» The following albums continued to strengthen the band's position on the music scene, and the hits raining down as a cornucopia. It was during these years that two hymns were recorded, performed on many events to this day. The first of them is "we will Rock you" and "We Are the Champions"

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In 1984, Queen released a scandalous video for the song I want to Break free, where all the band members presented in women's clothing. In 1984, Queen released a scandalous video for the song I want to Break free, where all the band members presented in women's clothing.

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Queen: Freddie's disease and the breakup of the group After 1987, rumors of Freddie Mercury's illness began to spread in the press. And on November 24, 1991, when Freddie Mercury died of AIDS, these rumors were confirmed. His death caused a real boom in the fight against this terrible disease.

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The last work of that Queen: The band's work was the album "Innuendo" with the hit "The Show Must Go on".

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The sunset of the Genius Group: After the death of Freddie, Mae, Dickon and Taylor tried to revive the band, but without Freddie, it was impossible.

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The result of Queen's creativity: The Queen group was destined to become the most successful British rock band of the last third of the 20th century. This is said to be sold around the world over 300 million copies of albums and even more of those who still gladly listens to their songs, enjoying a unique style and manners of execution.

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