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Verb. Tynyshtyk A.B Maratova A.S

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A verb is a kind of word (part of speech) that tells about an action or a state. For example: The cat slept That is John She loves you They are running Go there on Monday He said, "hello!“ Can you play the piano?

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Forms of the verb ● The simple (or uninflected or base) form: e.g.: dance, play, type, hurry, concentrate, communicate, pull, lives, cut, put, bring, run, sing, drink, speak, write, etc. ● The third person singular present tense (or-s) form: e.g.: dances, plays, types, hurries, concentrates, communicates, pulls, lives, cuts, puts, brings, runs, sings, drinks, speaks, writes, etc. ● The present (or-ing) participle and gerund form: e.g.: dancing, playing, typing, hurrying, concentrating, communicating, pulling, living, cutting, putting, bringing, running, singing, drinking, speaking, writing, etc.

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Present Simple Actions that are repeated or habitual States Statements that are always true

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Past Simple is used for past actions that happened either at a specific time, which can either be given by a time phrase (yesterday, last year, etc.) or understood from the context.

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Future Simple It is used to express an action which has not occurred yet and will occur after saying or in future.

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Derived verbs Derived verbs are formed through affixes. An affix is a meaningful element added to another meaningful from resulting in a free form or a word. Derivation is the process whereby the addition of affixes, chiefly prefixes and suffixes in English, to base forms results in the creation of new words. Suffixes: -en, -ate, -ize, -ify Prefixes: be-, en- For example: material-ize=materialize deep+en=deepen pure+ify=purify active+ate=activate

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Compound Verbs If a subject of a sentence has a verb that is made up of more than one word, that verb is called a compound verb.

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Phrasal verbs When a verb combines with another type of word, such as an adverb, the result is a phrasal verb.

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Prepositional Verb When a preposition combines with a verb to form a new verb, the result is called a prepositional verb.

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Verb with Auxiliaries In this form, a verb combines with another verb called a helping verb.

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Compound single-word verb Sometimes a single verb is a combination of multiple words.

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