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VENTURE BUSINESS - the business type oriented to practical use of innovations, technical and technological innovations, results of scientific achievements yet not tested in practice.

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VENTURE BUSINESS - differences from traditional types of business

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VENTURE BUSINESS - model A special role in the organization of venture business is played by correctly built business model which implies a certain technology of creation, the organization, financing, maintaining, development, management and control of venture business.

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Basic elements of such model of venture business are:

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VENTURE BUSINESS - risks and profitability Venture business doesn't give an absolute guarantee of profit in business. Venture investments can bring both the enormous income, and an enormous loss.

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The essence of venture business as high risk and potentially high-profitable activities determines the following features of its functioning: The essence of venture business as high risk and potentially high-profitable activities determines the following features of its functioning: subject to capital investments are risk venture projects portfolio capital management is exercised the main part of venture investments invests in the authorized capital of venture capital companies the venture investor takes active part in management of the innovative project or, at least, ensures reliable control the flexible mechanism of coordination of interests of investors and managers depending on a stage of development of the venture projectis implemented the method of an exit of the investor from venture business in a project maturity phase is initially determined

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VENTURE BUSINESS - selection of venture projects for investment Selection of venture projects for the subsequent implementation – the most responsible and important part of a preparatory stage of venture business. For successful implementation of the venture project venture companies promote active participation of venture investors in management of the financed projects at all stages of their implementation, since examination still of the raw entrepreneurial ideas, and finishing with ensuring liquidity of shares of venture capital company. Attentively selecting innovative projects, venture companies determine the hidden prospects and a potential allowance of profit earning, and also future competitive advantage of specific venture business.

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VENTURE BUSINESS - management Management of venture business and separate venture capital companies in the conditions of the increased risk imposes special requirements to investment management. In this regard development of venture business is connected with forming of institute of the professional managing companies earning special reward by results of the activities.

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It is already conventional that venture business played a noticeable role in destiny of the major innovations, technical and technological innovations. In case of a financial support from a venture capital such outstanding achievements of mankind as microprocessors and personal computers received a start in life. Thanks to venture investments such companies as Intel, Microsoft, Google, Yandex, and others were created. Maybe yours business the idea will become a basis for creation of the successful project …

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1.How many models of venture business you can say? 2.How can our government help for this type of entrepreneurship? 3.What do you understand from this topic? 4.The role of management in venture business?

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